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Hello my name is Herb Walsh, I live in Cambridge, Ontario,Canada. A few years back, world events came to pass that heralded a time I long ago had a profound experience in which a vision of the angel Gabriel came to me. Incidentally I am Gentile, and I have been Nazirite all my life. I first contacted a rabbi in December, 2012 and went to see him in the beginning of February, 2013 after I had my ear operation (which didn't work anyway), and told him my dilemma. (This was quite some time before the formation/rise of ISIS and subsequent fallout, as well as the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict. I have all dialogue between he and I to verify timeline if anyone requests this.) He proffered that I should write down details of my experience and put it out to people. So here is The Letter I wrote for all mankind concerning what that vision told me about a time to come. This addresses the issue of Gender Equality as well. Some of you will think I am quite mad and others will chalk me up as a religious fanatic and I assure you I am neither. And whether you imagine I experienced a hallucination, psychotic break or was truly visited upon by an angel I will let you decide. Throughout my presentation you will find links to various religious or political observations to clarify points and verify my beliefs are not just my own but facts and opinions held by many peoples worldwide. I am a simple man and it is just my way of fulfilling that promise I made all those years ago. If you find the resources here useful you can get the Herb Walsh App for Android, Windows 10 (PC, Mobile or Hololens). or Chrome (App or Extension) at the appropriate App Store. (Show More Prologue)

The Letter

A message for all Jewish and Gentile people: As I said, my name is Herb, and when I was 19 years old I had a vision in which Iwas given a message for all of Judaism and Gentiles, to be delivered when the middle east was in turmoil, Israel poised for war and nations globally were at odds. 40 years later as of autumn 2016, I am now 61 years of age and it is time for that delivery. (Read More)

Gender Equality:

Concerned about tomorrow? What does the future hold for Judaism and Gentiles alike? And what does that mean for gender equality? ..which is part of God's plan for humankind. A part seemingly forgotten in the religions of men. Why have Christianity, Islam and even Judaism wrongly treated women like second class citizens when God created men and women as equals. It is ironic these creeds insist they are waiting for the "messiah" he is supposed to free the oppressed and who can we say are more oppressed than women, especially those living under the thumbs of "religious" men. (Read More)

Temple Mount something that need be addressed worldwide. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been taken over as the "Al Aqsa Mosque" by Islam. Muslims have some strange impression that they and they alone can pray there but they are wrong. (Read More)

Mosaic Law

So please help me fulfill HaShem/God's wish and help yourselves bond in covenant and spread this message to any who would hear that all Judaism and Gentiles once again may be the sparkle in Fathers eye and understand, Mosaic law still is and always has been the law of the Creator since the time of Moses and it is time for you all to come back. (Read More)

Shape of Things:

And we need to just take a look around to see the shape of things past, present, and future.  Man is on a collision course with disaster. The ocean's are dying. Fracking and other pollutants contaminating our water supply and worse, while corporations make shady deals with our governments to round up/stake claim on whatever drinking water remains (Not to mention the enormous waste problems with associated plastic bottles). Oil spills wreaking havoc. How long will man insist on destroying this beautiful planet. Indeed how much longer can the planet sustain it's injuries. (Read More)

Abraham's Light

Just testing the waters, I have set up an online community called Abraham's Light. It aims to be a place where aspiring Noahide and Orthodox Jewish folk who would like to forego the misogyny can connect, discuss, share thoughts, and follow Mosaic Law as God/HaShem intended. (Read More)

Why the need for change?

Wicked men insist it is their religious right to violate the rights of women and children. Ponder that statement for a moment if you will.The world needs to change drastically to become influenced by God and Torah, not by the other side. As i have said many times before "The more a man subjugates and denigrates women the more other men want to follow him...right down the road to hell", and society is hurtling down that road.

My music

If you wish to check out my music from 1982 til present you can sample it Here If you like what you hear you can link to my music website from there.

Final Thoughts

Before you discount this I ask you to pray on it. I kept it as short as I could so it doesn't take up too much room if you decide to print/share it (and I am hoping you do) for your congregants. I have to say that I always thought it would be 40 years passed before delivery of this message but times as they were called for it to be delivered earlier and now on the cusp it is more important than ever. Leave a Comment if you will and let me know what you think about the site. Thank you for your help in this. Please share.

If you wish to help out some needing animals I have set up a donation campaign at Abraham's Light for Pets/Friends For Life animal shelter. They are great people and would appreciate any help you can offer.

Herb Walsh

The Author:
Hello from Herb Walsh. I was born on June 11/57 in Galt, Ontario, Canada which later became Cambridge. I am 61 years of age and presently living there again for quite some time. I hope you find this website informative and tell your friends and family. I made a promise all that time ago and am trying as best I can to fulfill it.

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