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..On a Vision of Gabriel

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Hello my name is Herb Walsh, I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. A few years back, world events came to pass that heralded a time I long ago had a profound experience in which a vision of the angel Gabriel came to me. Incidentally I am Gentile, and I have been Nazirite all my life. I first contacted a rabbi in December, 2012 and went to see him in the beginning of February, 2013 after I had my ear operation (which didn't work anyway), and told him my dilemma. (This was quite some time before the formation/rise of ISIS and subsequent fallout, as well as the 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict. I have all dialogue between he and I to verify timeline if anyone requests this.) He proffered that I should write down details of my experience and put it out to people. So here is The LetterYou can jump right to the letter here. I wrote for all mankind concerning what that vision told me about a time to come. This addresses the issue of Gender Equality as well. Some of you will think I am quite mad and others will chalk me up as a religious fanatic and I assure you I am neither. And whether you imagine I experienced a hallucination, psychotic break or was truly visited upon by an angel I will let you decide. The fact I was given a vision of something near 3 months before it happened as you will read in the letter makes me wonder if God had a hand in it somehow, not to mention current events. I first sent it to the rabbi on February 13, 2013, over 12,000 rabbis and other Jewish people on March 12 of 2013, and now for some time, I hope with God's help, I am reaching many people worldwide each day. It has been addended to reflect Gentiles as well as Jews. Throughout my presentation you will find links to various religious or political observations to clarify points and verify my beliefs are not just my own but facts and opinions held by many peoples worldwide. I am a simple man and it is just my way of fulfilling that promise I made all those years ago. If you find the resources here useful you can get the Herb Walsh App for Android, Windows 10 (PC, Mobile or Hololens). or Chrome (App or Extension) at the appropriate App Store. (Show More Prologue)

A message for all Jewish and Gentile people:

My name is Herb and when I was 19 years old I had a vision in which I was given a message for all of Judaism and Gentiles, to be delivered when the middle east was in turmoil, Israel poised for war and nations globally were at odds. 40 years later as of autumn 2016, I am now 61 years of age and it is time for that delivery. I am merely fulfilling a 40 year old promise and you may think what you will. (First sent February 13, 2013)

It was fall of 1976 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I was sitting in the kitchen of a friends house on Quebec St. and as we talked I looked into the hall and saw blood everywhere (more on this later). You can guess how taken aback I was. This vision would not leave me and I told my friends Ifelt ill and had to go. It was raining outside and the rain was red like blood and flowing into the street. I thought if I could just make it to my room at the Salvation Army on Johnson St. I would be alright. I entered the foyer, asked the clerk to let me in to the rooms and when I went through the door into the stairwell it happened.
      I stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked up and at the top of the stairs was a tendril of smoke turning into the shape of a man or somewhat like a man. I believe it was one of the Fathers for lack of a better term "Angels". (I searched the Tanakh and Ifound a visitation in Daniel 10:5-6 (Show Verse) which described the Angel that I spoke with to a T. I believe it was the same Angel.)

He said he just came from Father in Heaven and spoke to me about a number of things and I made two promises that night. The first of which was if I would suffer for Father. Gabriel went on to tell me in some detail what the suffering would entail. He said in part the government back home would torment me almost taking my life (Show More) at a point in the future . He also said there would be times when I'd feel like God had abandoned me but he hadn't, it was just part of his plan. I still agreed for if HaShem/God wants something there has to be good reason for it even if we don't understand. All these years later he was right as rain and up until very recently these things have all come true.

The second promise was the message for you all. Near the end of our conversation he implored me that when the middle east was in turmoil and Israel poised for war (his words were also that many nations globally would be at odds with each other)  that I must bring a message to all the world. He said even if I didn't want to and was apprehensive about what might happen I must tell them. The explicit message was simply "Tell them they must come back to your Father or they will be smitten by a great curse". A simple message you may say but I tell you no one will come after me bearing this message. It is the only warning you will receive and the time is now to act.
     I told him I'd deliver it if I was still alive when the time came and he guaranteed me that I would be. Just as I asked him when I would deliver the message the door flew open and out came the doorman asking me if I was alright. I turned and told him yes I was fine and when I turned back the "Angel" was gone. I guess the Father wanted me not to dwell on a future date perpetually. I ran up the stairs, locked myself in my room and went into a deep sleep. When I finally awoke and went downstairs the clerk asked me again if I was ok and I said I was fine and that was when he told me I stood at the foot of the stairs for a full 45 minutes before he came out and that it was 3 days before. I had slept for 3 days.
     As to the "blood" in the hallway, a few months later on Dec. 24, 1976 the last day of Chanukah for Judaism or Christmas Eve for Christians  I let a girl I was fond of trim my hair. She had been bothering me to no end and gave me an ultimatum that if I didn't let her trim my hair she was gone. I knew better and had already walked away from the love of my life for the Father but allowed she could take off an inch to even it out. She took over a foot off. I then realized she was not worth it but the damage was done and hours later that very night I was bludgeoned to apparent death in that same hallway. I lost so much blood the doctor could barely get a blood transfusion to take and he later told me he didn't think I was going to come back. So you see it was my own blood I saw in that hallway months before and to this day I am not sure if I was being punished for letting my hair be cut or if it was part of Fathers plan. He had said there was no time to waste. Maybe I would have died in finality had I not made the promise. (If not for the attack I may have succumbed to doubt and left the promise unfulfilled.) Incidentally, the first day of Chanukah 2016 fell on December 24, and most of 2016 was actually the year 5776 (started at sundown September 13, 2015) in the Jewish Calendar. Coincidence? Is this another of God's 40 year cycles, I am not sure. The only thing I am sure of is that it is time for all of you to heed this warning and come back to the Father. (It is interesting Obama had the USA abstain from the UN vote on Dec. 23/16 in an effort to kick Israel to the curb before he left office. And now Dec 21/17 the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to denounce Trump's Dec 6/17 recognition of Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel. Makes me think of Psalm 79 and 80 and what lies ahead.)

Gender Equality:

And on the subject of Jesus, Gabriel nearly spat out the words "he was a man, he suffered some, he was unimportant". So you see, Jesus and anyone or any religion that indoctrinates him or his ideas is false for the man Jesus was never meant to be anything to the Father and if you will read the "Tanakh/Old Testament" or just take a look at the history and modern day events of any religions that supposedly follow or hold Jesus sacred it is easy to see just how far they are from God's teaching. (With countless Christian and Islamic sites both proclaiming they are the truth I simply dispute as I promised I would that the Torah still is the only law given by God. Among the following are a gathering of documented facts that support this opinion and not meant to disparage anyone but to make them think about what they follow, as misogyny for one is not part of God/HaShem's plan for humankind.)
Pedophilia, embracedEven the UN condemns this., accepted and excused due to it's founder marrying a girl when she was 6 and having sex with her when she was 9 and he was in his 50's is still and always has been a large part of Islamic culture worldwide and don't even get me started on the horrors of FGMOne of the greatest evils inflicted on Muslim women when they are children. or the just as prevalent practices of polygamy, or temporary marriage ("Nikah Mut'ah" for Shia and "Nikah al-Misyar" for Sunni muslims) which oftentimes is nothing more than child prostitution. Just the tip of the iceberg how about sanctioned wife beatingNew Islamic government bill in Pakistan sanctioning wife beating., women jailed for being rapedOnly under Islam can this kind of atrocity happen. or still in some countries, forced to marry their rapist to save family honor which leads me to... While supposedly not sanctioned by the Quran many Muslim countries condone so called "honor killing"Thousands of mostly young women are murdered each year.. On that note, if men cannot look at a woman who isn't wearing full body covering (burqa),niqab (face veil), hijab, or simply walking by herself without having the uncontrollable urge to sexually harass or rape her then it is the men who are out of control monsters, not the woman. (For one, hair is the crowning glory of God/HaShem's creation like the silk tassel on an ear of corn and to hide it away is a slight to His work. You may ponder, why must a nazirite never cut their hair? That man has relegated hair to such a carnality he can't even look at it shows the contempt for the Father that is in humankind, not observance (It is not only Islam that is guilty of this precept).) The aforementioned include tenets of faith practiced in various Islamic ruled countries. If Islam had the truth would it condone such heinous acts?
     There are many parallels between Muhammad founder of Islam and Joseph Smith who founded Mormonism, both similarily vile men who dictated books to espouse their own perverse ideologies. Sadly, the more a man subjugates and denigrates women the more other men want to follow him. And as to the so called "New Testament", do you really think the Catholic Church would also have raped children and committed other sexual deviancy with rampancy for centuries right up to present dayThink priests have stopped their abhorrent behavior? Guess again. let alone their other crimes (the Inquisition for starters) if they had anything to do with God? As to that, some Christian ministers (supported by their congregations) are outright professing atheism. Catholics are not the only Christian group to commit and cover-up sexual abuse against children either and the repugnant "rules" these groups impose make certain perpetrators will go free. Indeed, it was not long ago that Christianity was as murderously tyrannical as Islamic ruled countries are today (I ask detractors to look at church history and any Islamic ruled country). Patriarchal misogynistic attitudes prevail and women have consistently been second if not third or fourth class citizens by these and other self same organizations at least partly due to Ephesians 5:22-24 & 1 Timothy 2:11-14 (Show Verses) in the "New Testament", an abrogation I believe no more given by God than the Quran or Book of Mormon of which both expound on.

You can always tell a tree by it's fruit, and don't don't point to Ultra-Orthodox Jews in rebuttal for those sects/groups can be as far off baseIn Israel, Ultra-Orthodox Haredi can be ridiculously misogynistic. as the former. Undeniably, due the influence these "religions" have misogynist creep is felt throughout society as a whole and needs to be addressed on a worldwide scale. The Torah is the only law book ever given to man from God/HaShem. It clearly states in Deuteronomy 4:2 and 13:1 (Jewish translations) or 12:32 (Christian translations). (Show Verses) that no words shall ever be added to or taken away from the commandments given to Moses. The Tanakh/Old Testament also states in Isaiah 24:5 (Show Verse) people will suffer because they have violated and abrogated Moses covenant with God (The New Testament, Quran and Book of Mormon are all abrogations), verifying the Law is not to be changed. Furthermore, to say it was to be fulfilled at a later date, or corrupted by the Jewish people and had to be abrogated would mean God did not know this was going to happen when he gave his commandment to Moses that it was an everlasting covenant. (Do you really think the Jews somehow omitted from Torah that women were supposed to be chattel? No, that and other perversions were made by men who were not happy with the law as given by the Father to the Jewish people so they "wrote" their own books.) Additionally, it warns in Leviticus 20:22-23 (Show Verse) against following others away from the Torah and in Malachi 3 for the End of Days it once again insists people follow the laws as given to Moses.

In saying this to point out just one of man's perversions of the law, men who refuse to give their wives a "get" in divorce to free the woman by Jewish law should be imprisoned (no matter what country they reside in) until they comply, and extradition treaties should contain clauses to prevent said husbands from fleeing.
    I will also state that I believe it is time for Jewish people to make Kosher slaughter fit to God`s actual direction to kill without causing suffering which is not the case today. I can verify this for I worked on the kill floor at a Jewish veal slaughterhouse (Delft Blue of Cambridge) in the 1980`s, and on Tuesdays it was Kosher day. I witnessed with my own eyes the inhumanity of Kosher slaughter and it is time the animal was stunned immediately after "shechitah" (when the neck is sliced) so to stop it from suffering. God demands an animal be slaughtered as humanely as possible and there is no reason not to stun it. To say it is "trefah" to stun it is in direct contradiction to Gods wish and has to do with tradition not law. Doing this would in no way violate Jewish law and would alleviate almost all of the animal's suffering. There is Rabbinical Agreement to this and post-shechitah stunning of cattle is mandatory in Australia and slowly being implemented elsewhere which is a start but Judaism worldwide needs to make this change to be more in line with God/HaShem's instruction. I also believe it is time to stop raising animals in crates as they do veal and other animals for it is as cruel as one could get and totally against God's instruction to treat animals with kindness.
    I add that Jews and Noahide Gentile's are to be allocated equally when it comes to courts and punishments. It has been taught in Judaism that they are to be dealt with differently (ie: 1 witness is all that is needed for Noahide but 2 for Jews) and this is incorrect. I believe when and if courts are established Jews and Noahide (inclusive of women) will face the same procedures

    Lastly, if you are wondering why I haven't pummelled you with heaven, hell or whatever future state, while there is a Judgement coming I believe people should simply be good for goodness sake instead of like some dog after a biscuit or they miss the point entirely. What profits a person who only does good for reward. The false religions constantly dangling a carrot with one hand while holding a club in the other to succumb their followers shows how baseless and off point they truly are. I believe truth and common sense need no such incentive but to use an old adage "if you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves".

...now something that need be addressed worldwide.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been taken over as the "Al Aqsa Mosque" by Islam. Muslims have some strange impressionListen to this broadcast to verify. Click the "read more" for the podcast to start. that they and they alone can pray there but they are wrong. (Friday July 14/2017 three muslim Israeli Arabs murdered two Israeli police officers with weapons previously hid at the Mount and when Israel put security in place to prevent this from happening again the Palestinians and Arab countries went mad with anger and the Jordanian gov pulled a childish tantrum against Israel threatening to jail any Israelis praying in Jordan at Aaron's Tomb, among other things. I wonder how they would feel if Israel stopped muslims from praying at the Temple Mount? Due this incitement Israel once again has given in to terrorism and agreed to loosen security at the Mount. (All this rage, initially over metal detectors which for one are used by Muslims themselves in Mecca by the way.) This inaction shows how far the Jewish people have fallen away from God that they would spurn the holiest site in Judaism, and makes me understand full well why Gabriel implored me to "Tell them they must come back to your Father..". One day Israel will have to reclaim it (Isaiah 2:1-4 > see end of paragraph) and if Israel had the faith in God they should, they would surmount all perils as foretold: Parashat Eikev - Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25 ->A first portion of which so happened to be read in the Diaspora on 12 August 2017, incidentally the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower that year. Coincidence? When Israel liberated the Mount in 1967 they never should have given Jordan authority there and part of the problem is that the Israeli government under constant threat has disallowed Jews to pray there for so long Islam thinks they own it.) Muslims are trying to rewrite history and the UN has even taken their side with a resolution. Everyone needs to speak outAt least some countries are speaking out against it. against this ludicrous dissent. Reso Update May 2/17The Arab countries are trying to rewrite thousands of years of historical fact. Petition your government to stop this atrocious behavior. (Just to note, Jews don't go mad when other religions pray at the Temple Mount, Christians don't lose their minds when others worship there but many Muslims throughout the middle east and beyond go into a rage and want to murder anyone who prays, or even thinks of praying at the Temple who isn't Muslim (In fact, numerous Palestinians have purposely murdered random innocent Israelis over this). Islam, a religion who only made claim to this site millennia after Jews found the land sacred and built it and centuries after Christians connected to it. Where is the PEACE this "religion" is always telling us about.) They were never given dominion over the Temple Mount and their so called prophet never ascended to heaven there. (That is just another fable akin to the Christian story of Jesus rising on the third day. These tales are told to try and bring provenance to these false religions and have no basis in reality). Muslims have preyed upon Jewish fears of reprisal to keep Jews from their rightful place and it is time Jews were allowed to pray there as they did in the past. It is up to the government of Israel to speak to the world on this and the world should stand behind them. We live in a time of religious freedoms and all governments of the earth need to address Muslim nations and demand this as the Temple was built by Jews to worship the God of Israel long before Islam ever started and it is prophesied in Isaiah 2:1-4 (Show Verses) that in the end of days the Temple Mount will be exalted to the people of earth, the Torah will come forth from Zion, and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem. Let us not forget UNESCO has tried to erase Jewish history from Jerusalem so U.S. recognition of it as Israel's capitol Dec 6/17 and moving the US embassy there on May 14/18 is a good start but until the whole world recognizes this 3000 years of historical fact it is a somewhat hollow point. If you believe Jewish people should be able to worship at the Temple Mount please sign the Petition to the UNAimed at the UN because they are so anti-Israel and need to know the world supports the Jewish people.. (To Note: Muslims refuse to see the religious discrimination in denying Jews the right to pray at the Temple Mount but when they themselves are simply asked to not make unnecessary excessive noise at their mosques in Israel (Which greatly disturbs people af all faiths, especially at dawn.) they go into a fit and cite discrimination to the world. The double standards must stop!)

Mosaic Law

So please help me fulfill HaShem/God's wish and help yourselves bond in covenant and spread this message to any who would hear that all Judaism and Gentiles once again may be the sparkle in Fathers eye and understand, Mosaic law still is and always has been the law of the Creator since the time of Moses and it is time for you all to come back . It is for Jewish people to obey the full 613 MitzvotYou can find a copy of the 613 Mitzvot here to download as a PDF file if you wish. of the Torah, and Gentiles to follow the 7 Laws of NoahRead about and download a PDF of the 66 individual Mitzvot/Commandments comprised from the 7 Laws of Noah. (Noachide) (Show More) Nothing has changed that. I will add, the all male writers of the Talmud (or Oral Law) have very often been misogynistic in defining Jewish traditions and interpretation of mizvot, and Orthodox Jewry has adhered as such. This will be corrected in the coming age. You can download a copy of the 1917 JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh (Old Testament/Jewish Bible) in various formats for personal study if you wish.

7 Laws of Noah:

Do not deny God. (No Idolatry)
Do not blaspheme God.
Do not murder. (Genesis 9:6)
Do not engage in incest, adultery, pederasty or  bestiality, as well as homosexual relations.
Do not steal.
Do not eat of a live animal. (Genesis 9:4)
Establish courts/legal system to ensure law and obedience.

Please read Malachi 3Click here to read Malachi Chapter 3. to verify the importance of coming back to the Father.


Before you discount this I ask you to pray on it. I kept it as short as I could so it doesn't take up too much room if you decide to print/share it (and I am hoping you do) for your congregants. I have to say that I always thought it would be 40 years passed before delivery of this message but times as they were called for it to be delivered earlier and now on the cusp it is more important than ever. Leave a Comment if you will and let me know what you think about the site. Thank you for your help in this. Please share.

And we need to just take a look around worldto see the shape of things past, present, and future. Man is on a collision course with disaster. The ocean's are dyingMan is ravaging the oceans and soon will be eradicated from the planet if not stopped.. Fracking and other pollutants contaminating our water supply and worse, while corporations make shady deals with our governments to round up/stake claim on whatever drinking water remains (Not to mention the enormous waste problems with associated plastic bottles). Oil spills wreaking havocCompanies and governments care about dollars not the enviroment and cleanups don't work.. How long will man insist on destroying this beautiful planet. Indeed how much longer can the planet sustain it's injuries. The bees and butterflies are dying! Species of life like bald and golden eaglesMoney and "Big Business" come before wildlife 100% of the time as this article gives a good example are being killed off. Endangered bats decimatedEndangered bat species also being wiped out by wind turbines and no one cares. at an alarming rate yet no one is doing anything about it; (bat update)Government inaction/collusion with big business rules the day.. Unscrupulous politicians running governments globally. False religions spreading lies, corruption, pedophilia, homosexuality and even murder to name just a few. All in the name of some god or so called prophet who has nothing to do with the Father. And many who were given the Law millennia ago have wrongly deemed to change it to suit their desires. The main thing for me is to bring people to an understanding of the importance of Torah and I can only hope to have succeeded.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 on Freedom of Expression and Article 18 on Freedom of Religion (Show More)   even though having limitations afford us protections in discussing/expressing opinions on various religions or politics.

And to quote Rebbitzen Dena Weinberg:

"Torah is not education,
         ..it's transformation."

I had some political commentary for a time but have decided people can read newspapers online worldwide to get current events and see what state our planet is in. I was hesitant to put this here, but if you care to donate a little it would help greatly in aquiring more web traffic and furthering this message to a larger group. You can find all the information at YouCaring If you wish to help out some needing animals I have set up a donation campaign at Abraham's Light for Pets/Friends For Life animal shelter. They are great people and would appreciate any help you can offer.

Abraham's Light:

Just testing the waters, I have set up an online community called Abraham's Light. It aims to be a place where aspiring Noahide and Orthodox Jewish folk who would like to forego the misogyny can connect, discuss, share thoughts, and follow Mosaic Law as God/HaShem intended. I realize the Orthodox already have connected communities but hope a few rabbis and other learned people will take part and help those wishing to become either Noahide or Orthodox feel welcome (please remember there are various trains of thought on Noahide so don't insist yours is the only one). Some of you will prefer to go farther than others, some holding the basic tenets, some fully converting to Orthodox Jewry, and all points in between. I am also hoping there is enough response to keep it running and maybe expand resources to accommodate a wishful increase in traffic. As a convenience the Abraham's Light App is freely available for Android, Windows 10 (PC, Mobile and Hololens). or Chrome (App or Extension) at the appropriate App Store ...be part of a growing contingent. (NOTE: You may have to turn off any VPN you have running if you wish to register or login.)

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Hello from Herb Walsh. I was born on June 11/57 in Galt, Ontario, Canada which later became Cambridge. I am 61 years of age and presently living there again for quite some time. I hope you find this website informative and tell your friends and family. I made a promise all that time ago and am trying as best I can to fulfill it.


 Thank You from www.HerbWalsh.com Please tell your friends!


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