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The Letter

A message for all Jewish and Gentile people:

As I said, my name is Herb, and when I was 19 years old I had a vision in which Iwas given a message for all of Judaism and Gentiles, to be delivered when the middle east was in turmoil, Israel poised for war and nations globally were at odds. 40 years later as of autumn 2016, I am now 61 years of age and it is time for that delivery. I am merely fulfilling a 40 year old promise and you may think what you will. (First sent February 13, 2013)

It was fall of 1976 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I was sitting in the kitchen of a friends house on Quebec St. and as we talked I looked into the hall and saw blood everywhere (more on this later). You can guess how taken aback I was. This vision would not leave me and I told my friends Ifelt ill and had to go. It was raining outside and the rain was red like blood and flowing into the street. I thought if I could just make it to my room at the Salvation Army on Johnson St. I would be alright. I entered the foyer, asked the clerk to let me in to the rooms and when I went through the door into the stairwell it happened.
     I stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked up and at the top of the stairs was a tendril of smoke turning into the shape of a man or somewhat like a man. I believe it was one of the Fathers for lack of a better term "Angels". (I searched the Tanakh and Ifound a visitation in Daniel 10:5-6 (Show Verse) which described the Angel that I spoke with to a T. I believe it was the same Angel.)

He said he just came from Father in Heaven and spoke to me about a number of things and I made two promises that night. The first of which was if I would suffer for Father. Gabriel went on to tell me in some detail what the suffering would entail. He said in part the government back home would torment me almost taking my life (Show More) at a point in the future. He also said there would be times when I'd feel like God had abandoned me but he hadn't, it was just part of his plan. I still agreed for if HaShem/God wants something there has to be good reason for it even if we don't understand. All these years later he was right as rain and up until very recently these things have all come true.

The second promise was the message for you all. Near the end of our conversation he implored me that when the middle east was in turmoil and Israel poised for war (his words were also that many nations globally would be at odds with each other)  that I must bring a message to all the world. He said even if I didn't want to and was apprehensive about what might happen I must tell them. The explicit message was simply "Tell them they must come back to your Father or they will be smitten by a great curse". A simple message you may say but I tell you no one will come after me bearing this message. It is the only warning you will receive and the time is now to act.
     I told him I'd deliver it if I was still alive when the time came and he guaranteed me that I would be. Just as I asked him when I would deliver the message the door flew open and out came the doorman asking me if I was alright. I turned and told him yes I was fine and when I turned back the "Angel" was gone. I guess the Father wanted me not to dwell on a future date perpetually. I ran up the stairs, locked myself in my room and went into a deep sleep. When I finally awoke and went downstairs the clerk asked me again if I was ok and I said I was fine and that was when he told me I stood at the foot of the stairs for a full 45 minutes before he came out and that it was 3 days before. I had slept for 3 days.
     As to the "blood" in the hallway, a few months later on Dec. 24, 1976 the last day of Chanukah for Judaism or Christmas Eve for Christians  I let a girl I was fond of trim my hair. She had been bothering me to no end and gave me an ultimatum that if I didn't let her trim my hair she was gone. I knew better and had already walked away from the love of my life for the Father but allowed she could take off an inch to even it out. She took over a foot off. I then realized she was not worth it but the damage was done and hours later that very night I was bludgeoned to apparent death in that same hallway. I lost so much blood the doctor could barely get a blood transfusion to take and he later told me he didn't think I was going to come back. So you see it was my own blood I saw in that hallway months before and to this day I am not sure if I was being punished for letting my hair be cut or if it was part of Fathers plan. He had said there was no time to waste. Maybe I would have died in finality had I not made the promise. (If not for the attack I may have succumbed to doubt and left the promise unfulfilled.)

Something to ponder

Incidentally, the first day of Chanukah 2016 fell on December 24, and most of 2016 was actually the year 5776 (started at sundown September 13, 2015) in the Jewish Calendar. Coincidence? Is this another of God's 40 year cycles, I am not sure. The only thing I am sure of is that it is time for all of you to heed this warning and come back to the Father. (It is interesting Obama had the USA abstain from the UN vote on Dec. 23/16 in an effort to kick Israel to the curb before he left office. And now Dec 21/17 the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to denounce Trump's Dec 6/17 recognition of Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel. Makes me think of Psalm 79 and 80 and what lies ahead.)

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