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Abraham's Light

Come join us

Just testing the waters, I have set up an online community called Abraham's Light. It aims to be a place where aspiring Noahide and Orthodox Jewish folk who would like to forego the misogyny can connect, discuss, share thoughts, and follow Mosaic Law as God/HaShem intended. I realize the Orthodox already have connected communities but hope a few rabbis and other learned people will take part and help those wishing to become either Noahide or Orthodox feel welcome (please remember there are various trains of thought on Noahide so don't insist yours is the only one). Some of you will prefer to go farther than others, some holding the basic tenets, some fully converting to Orthodox Jewry, and all points in between. I am also hoping there is enough response to keep it running and maybe expand resources to accommodate a wishful increase in traffic. As a convenience the Abraham's Light App is freely available for Android, Windows 10 (PC, Mobile and Hololens). or Chrome (App or Extension) at the appropriate App Store part of a growing contingent. (NOTE: You may have to turn off any VPN you have running if you wish to register or login.)