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My Music

My Music

Some background

I have been making music all my life and here you can find some originals in full recording studio quality and some simple sketches of the project I am working on now. I have included a few cover tunes as well to round out the selection. The selector isn't automatic though so you will have to click play to start or stop and forward or click the playlist button to select each new song. Normally it should start in a few seconds but in case of high site traffic please give each song time to load and if it doesn't load in 30 seconds or so you may have to click the Play button on and off a few times to start the song.

The first selections are from my 1993 cd HotPies - Man Next Door and include 2 original and 2 cover tunes (2 covers are solo). The original tunes have an asterisk * after my name. The next 2 selections are from my new project and are simply recorded live on my Ramirez classical guitar just playing in front of my webcam so please bear in mind they are not studio quality but simple sketches of the songs. They are all original and wrote by me within the last few years. "The Lie" was written most recently on Feb 3/16 and recorded on my webcam the same day. I have no title for the new cd yet and there many are more songs I haven't put up here.

I have put up a site with my musical projects from the last 34 years at If you care to try them out you can see how my journey has taken me from childhood to the present day.

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